A Word from the Author

A Word from the Author

I always wrote my thoughts and my feelings on paper long before I fell in love with Bassel. I never thought I would publish my work, but Bassel encouraged me and helped me to do so.

For this reason, we decided that I should publish my first work at a very sensitive time in our life together. We have worked more than a year on this book together, between me choosing texts, and smuggling them into prison one by one when I visit him, and him taking the time to translate them.

Translating those works was a very tough challenge for Bassel, surrounded by the din of prison. He was reading how much I loved him. He used to cry sometimes, his hands were shaking some other times; the situation was beautiful yet very difficult to put into words.

One of the most emotional moments of making this book was when his grandmother and his father took the time to proofread the Arabic text, being themselves professional Arabic linguists. The job took them a day to complete and that by itself was an amazing achievement.

As for the cover design we have chosen our beautiful friend Youssef Abdalki to design it. Youssef was very receptive to the offer and treated our work as his. I told Youssef, “I don’t want to give you ideas, I want you to express your own feelings after reading our book.” I was astonished when I saw what he did. Youssef saw us the way we are. It was amazing that he saw us the way we wanted the whole world to see us.

It was planned that Bassel would include some of his paintings in the book, but his unplanned disappearance from Adra prison made it impossible.

The uniqueness of this book is that everyone who collaborated is close family or a friend, and this is what makes me feel that it is a family affair’s warm collaboration.

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