Do you know Bassel and Noura?

Do you know Bassel and Noura?

This question seems stupid in certain circles… the answer comes to you quickly:

The bride and groom of the revolution!

Their story became widely known among activists, especially since Noura, as a diligent lawyer, devoted all her time to helping detainees; while Bassel was a prominent Internet activist, especially at the beginning of the Revolution when he made an exceptional effort to spread the news of peaceful demonstrations, which is why he was chosen by Foreign Policy magazine as one of a hundred leading global thinkers.

They had a great circle of acquaintances because of their activities, and that is why their love story become famous, especially after it suffered a heavy blow by Bassel’s arrest in early 2012 and his absence for nearly a year at the security branches, before his transmission to a field court and his arrest at Adra prison in 2013. Here their story began to take a very distinctive shape.

Do you know Noura and Bassel?

I knew Noura the lawyer before I knew Noura the human being; I met Bassel twice in haste in the lawyers’ hall at the palace of justice where Noura introduced him to me as her love. At the time I was looking into the possibility of setting up a website for the Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research. They offered Bassel the opportunity to create the website, and effectively he reserved the domain name and created a web page, but he was arrested before its final completion.

But in reality, it is enough that you know Noura to know Bassel; you feel like you lived with him all the time. Noura always speaks of Bassel; she becomes radiant and happy when Bassel is the only subject of discussion. This is always the case.

Since his relocation to Adra prison, she maintains a schedule of visiting him three times a week. With every visit she and we all feel like it’s the first visit after a long interruption. We share her laughter and joyfulness in him at every moment. We go into all the details and actions and reactions and all their plans and dreams. She talks as if she is talking to herself and replaying the tape of the visit, so we live with them in each moment, and we are very pleased that she shares these moments and makes us part of them.

The moments of frustration and desolation pass sparingly, and we quickly surpass them in a completely surprising manner.

How much strength do these two lovers have?

Their relationship began with the beginning of the revolution, and was baptized by their shared vision of the revolution and joint activity in support of peaceful activism; it fought very harsh conditions which makes it solid and a stronger, distinctive and unique experience with the uniqueness of Noura and Bassel.

They got married in 2013 with Bassel imprisoned, to give a new form to the relationship and as the ultimate expression of their choice, and they are planning to have children, and dream of a Syria where they can raise them.

Bassel and Noura finally decided to publish an important part of their love together through this book.

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